We have dedicated thousands of hours in the past eight years to build a station that is "WHAM-BAM-SLAM!" entertaining for an international visitor ( who are not always necessarily English speaking/or reading)  and are looking for good music in this genre. Some even have this genre banned in their countries and can only get to hear THIS MUSIC by tuning into an online station like us !

We have built this station with  our hearts because we love the vibe too! We have also built a family of artists who bring  with their music meaning and substance to the mix because we live in a world where both of those seem to be running a little scarce. Those things are important to us too. 

So how does an artist gain strength from all this? There is a formula we have incorporated ( trial and error) over the years that allows us to feature an artist acrosss multiple platforms and infront of an audience at all times. We call our formula THE PIPELINE 

1)  where the artist begins with submitting to the station  ( in MP3 format, RADIO READY  is a must )  their music. Send to

If the tracks are chosen for airplay they will be introduced to our NATION on EVA FRESH NEW BLOOD every last friday of the month ! ( Check our schedule here for our next show!)  Though we can not record all tracks dropped on the 3 hour show ( because  rendering the MP3's takes a few seconds ) we do nail most of them.

2) Those dj mixes loaded to AUDIOMACK are then distributed  to SHYRICK NEWS REEL, 

and all our networking social sites including our EASTERN EUROPEAN Nation via 

That's: DJ FATTA ICON, BRIGHT KOLORZ, STRATUS GORDON,  and  CHICKMELION's networking efforts combined!  

3) The track has 4 more platforms and our FREEEESTYLE shows to be featured with a sizeable global listening audience guaranteeing even more exposure!

4) If we gague excitement back from our  NATION  over the track/s then DJ FATTA ICON may decide to run it on BOSS HIT LIST  - Top 5 Tracks of the week. 

Here the tracks are guaranteed airtime on each and every LIVE SHOW we are running for 2 weeks. Then we have a BINGO and if the artist survives elimination the next BINGO  will be two weeks down the road.  At the end of it all there will be a final bingo and the last one standing will be ARTIST OF THE YEAR !

5) The track even has opportunity to be featured in BOSSmagazine, if you have video , on BOSStv Exclusive ( WHICH WE ARE BUILDING RIGHT NOW SO PLEASE SUPPORT AND SUBSCRIBE FAMILY, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !

and thanks to STRATUS GORDON, the artists now have a forum for reasoning  ( an instagram event) via STRATUSphere.  

It took us a long time and a lot of hard work to build a functioning and effective  pipeline that allows for a tracks to be exposed to reggae connaseurs not only through out the entire pipeline, but to get bounced in between platforms as well, creating even more exposure.

 As example:  the track that does well in Europe via  will be brought back to THE NEWS REEL as another news event. 

Our NATION of listeners who over the years addS up to 17 million visitors who have come from all corners of the globe .... love and trust us to provide them ONLY THE BEST !   We take that trust very seriously .


SHYRICKlite ( Just the Player  please) >>>

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