Joining the ranks of very few artists managing to hang onto their position on  BOSS HIT LIST  charts over 10 weeks (and our very first from SEASON 2) is >> DON MINOTT<<! He not only hit that milestone, but now is venturing beyond to challenge the LONGEST RUN title as well. 

How difficult is that feat ? Well we had well over 36 artists in last season and you can count on one hand who all accomplished this  !

How difficult is that feat for DON MINOTT ?  Though we cant really comment  for our  AMBASSADOR ARTIST,  we can point out some very obvious reasons as to why it may seem outwardly easy for him.

Heading for that 22 week record !

DON MINOTT comes out consistently and regularly  (almost like clockwork) for decades with new, well thought out, well constructed and equally well performed conscious Roots Reggae tracks ... period!   

Making him well practiced at writing, performing and producing good quality music. It is for that reason, why he has been on our roster consistently for our entire 9+ year history. 


This consistency ensures he is always in front of his audience  with something to entertain and thrill them with ( which fosters and strengthens his BRAND AWARENESS)  while his focus on the "quality" ensures there is always going to be someone  there to get excited about his vibes.  Because in all honesty, who sticks around listening to crap vibes for decades? 

All of that, seems to be the winning formula for not only DON MINOTT and his label HIGH VOLTAGE SOUND but also for the multiple producers across the world who love to work with him and toss him on their riddims as well. 

Tap on the image to go to DON MINOTT web site and stay on top of all the freshness coming from his camp ! And while there  >> HIT THAT GO BUTTON<<<  and listen to that track... you are going to love it !

This formula also has enabled DON MINOTT to be visible in the top spots on all our reward programs like: TOP TEN COUNTDOWN , GRAND JAM   and now BOSS HIT LIST . 

Now some may say we are playing favorites because we refer to DON MINOTT as our AMBASSADOR ARTIST.  But he knows he has to work as hard as any other artist to get heard  supported and survive the test of time. 

We call him our AMBASSADOR because he consistently over the years makes an effort to reach out and engage with  our audience, the NATION,  endearing them to him. 

Tap on the image to get to these links - DON MINOTT's web page.

Not many artists take the time to do that, and in the world of SHYRICK  and the path we trod, loyalty means everything to us! That is why we have blessed him (and a few other artists) with that title.  Because of the connection they focus on making with our listening audience and our appreciation for it !

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You would be PROUD to have this highly talented authentic ROOTS REGGAE master in your collection. We know, we're pretty proud  to be playing such highly talented  artists as well !