We welcome DON MINOTT to the elite here at SHYRICK DANCEHALL RADIO ! And this is the second time in 2022 that he has been placed here in the BOOK OF RECORDS.  This time DON MINOTT's track MAN UP STAND UP tied the LONGEST RUN ON BOSS HIT LIST  with MONSOON  and STEVIE FACE .


In our most recent  BINGO, DON MINOTT was on the line, hovering between a shared title (or) an out right  owning the title single handedly.  LADY LUCK had her say and as usual her not so pleasant nature turned up at the BINGO! 

We thought you would like to listen to these three talented artists and their tracks that LADY LUCK herself apparently loves a lot.

We have another challenger coming up fast with only 4  BINGOs  to survive and  beat that 22 WEEK BARRIER to own the crown for himself.  Family you have to stay tuned  and watch how this unfolds. Can PAYNE with his track  ALL MI LIFE take the title and wipe the current 3 co-owners off the map ?